Passport Photos in Glendale

At Jenny's Postal Services you will have a professional passport photo for only $15.00. Feel confident on your vacation with a good looking passport photo!

Everyone knows that their driver's license photo is going to be awful. Would you want your passport photo to be awful, too?

No appointment is needed, just come by ready to take your photo.

Jenny's Tips for Taking a Good Passport Photo

  • Wear a solid-colored shirt with either a v-neck or scoop neck, such as a common T-shirt. Pick a color that flatters your skin tone. If you have pale skin, try navy or jewel tones such as teal. If your skin has gold tones, choose an orange or deep brown shirt, while people with olive or dark skin will look good in vibrant shades of red or blue. Don't wear white or black.
  • Tap some oil-absorbing face powder on your forehead and nose just before taking the photo. Powder will prevent your skin from looking oily. Women can apply a bit of mascara, blush and clear lip gloss to look polished but not overly made-up.
  • Wear prescription glasses if you use them daily. Tilt them down on your nose slightly to prevent a glare since the State Department does not allow your passport photo to have any glare in it. Your eyes must still be fully visible through the lenses. Take off your glasses if you don't normally wear them.
  • Let your hair down. Brush out any tangles, or use your fingers to fluff out your strands if you have curly hair. Rub a bit of gel over the top of your head to smooth down any flyaway hairs.
  • Push your shoulders down and back, and stick your chin out an inch or so farther than you normally hold it. Ask the photographer to count to three, and blink on "one" so you won't be caught mid-blink on three. Don't smile broadly, but keep your lips together and think of something happy while the photographer shoots.
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